USL&H Workers Comp

USL&H Longshore and Harbor Workers' Comp insurance.

USL&H is a special workers’ comp coverage insurance for maritime and harbor workers'. Low Rate Work Comp is proud to offer workers' comp to employers that qualify for special coverage under the USL&H Workers' Compensation Act. This USL&H program gives benefits to maritime and harbor workers' who experience injuries or industrial related illness while performing maritime activities on or near the navigable waterways of the United States.

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We specialize in construction class codes:

Roofers, Framers
Steel Erectors
Debris removal
Construction Supervisors
Masonry and Concrete

And non-construction class

Health Care Services
Staffing Services
Local Delivery
Moving and Storage
Garbage / Refuse Collection
Are just a few mention.

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USLH Workers Comp – Low Rate Workers Comp Payroll

USL&H Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Comp insurance.

The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act  (USL&H) is an important term to know.  It is a federal workers compensation law that applies to maritime employees who work on or over navigable waters in or adjacent to the United States. However, it does not apply to sailors, seamen, masters and crews of any ship, vessel or watercraft. The workers subject to this Act are usually not eligible for state workers compensation benefits because they work on or over navigable waters. They are also not eligible for coverage under the Jones Act or the Merchant Marine Act because they are not seamen. As a result, USL&H was needed to fill the coverage gap for this class of workers.
The specific federal law addressing USL&H is found in US Code (1946), Title 33, Sections 901-950, as amended by Public Law 92-576.