Why Us?

No huge deposits

Eliminate non profit oriented tasks form your office

No long term contracts

Fast and easy start-up

Instant status as compliant for workers' compensation

We streamline and cap your employee costs

No year-end audits

Better cash flow, no upfront or audit premiums

Great Services 

Guaranteed labor cost for greater ease of job bidding

Easy & Simple Service

You maintain managerial control of employees

Transfer liabilities associated with employee taxes and insurance off your shoulders

Same day insurance certificate requests

We can bundle your insurance needs Workers' Comp, General Liability, Health

Request a quote for Workers Comp

We specialize in construction class codes:

Roofers, Framers
Steel Erectors
Debris removal
Construction Supervisors
Masonry and Concrete

And non-construction class

Health Care Services
Staffing Services
Local Delivery
Moving and Storage
Garbage / Refuse Collection
Are just a few mention.

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Why-US – Low Rate Workers Compensation payroll services

We understand that running your business and keeping up with all the governmental rules, regulations, employment laws, taxes, bookkeeping, and more can be very challenging You also have other liabilities to consider. You must provide workers’ compensation coverage and protect your business against litigation. LowRateWorkComp offers help and solutions to make all of these tasks less time consuming and at an affordable group rate.